The Last Days of Year 12

Saturday, August 30

Copyright Infringement

I hereby admit that I have violated the terms of copyright. In my blog post on August 25 2008, entitled "It's peanut butter... erm... RAGE Time!" I falsely stated that I as "expecting an explosion" when the to robots held hands. This is not true and all credits go towards the person who really said it.


Wednesday, August 27


After stealing Hannay's Keys yesterday, Adrian grabbed them off me as he passed by. I followed him upstairs and stole them back, intending to return them. I turn around and Jack and four of his friends are walking up to me. RAPE! The four of them just grabbed me and tried taking the keys by force. That's the last time I go and get something back for someone...

Regret of the week: Not going to talk to Clarence before going to chem after school. :(

Surveys for the yearbook are going around now. Haven't really started mine yet, but I've already been put down for some things. A couple of people put me down for "Most likely to be the next Prime Minister". Also, someone considered making their own category and put me down as "Most likely to be the next Queen of England". I'll be Queen of England... WHEN PIGS FLY!!! *Roasted pig is projected past the window* Erm... scratch that one... :D I'm trying to think what to put for the "What have you learned at school that you never thought you would" section. Right now, it's either "Triangles are Magic" from a physics video, "Stralow's Definition of and Academic" which is "The definition of an Academic is someone who learns more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything there is to know about nothing", or "Hyperactivity is a symptom of Mercury Poisoning".

Time for another bus story. Waiting for the bus at the busport, Ara and I were filling out the survey. We get up and get onto the bus when it arrives. After tagging on, we move to the back seat. There are about four people in a 2m radius. After a bit of chat about the rules for our points system, there was silence... so... I just said "I AM CALM!!!" and I wasn't paying attention, but according to Ara, all the people who could have heard it were shitting themselves! XDXDXD!!!

Well, that's all for now, think I'll go read Lady Friday now :D

a young man who behaves in a very rude, offensive and sometimes violent way

Monday, August 25

It's Peanut Butter... erm... RAGE Time!

Whoa, three weeks since I last posted here. Hmmm... oh well. What matters is that I'm here now :) Anyways, loads of random stuff has been happening lately.

On a completely random and unrelated note, I've FINAL-FANTASY-ALISED my msn :) Was bored on the weekend with pretty much nothing to do so I spent hours photoshopping Final Fantasy stuff, enough to have 15 rotating DPs, 15 backgrounds and one stupid animated background which was so big that it lagged my pc while I was creating it and pissed me off cause it turns out I couldn't use it on my Vista laptop :(

Now, let's talk Travian. Travian is a German Online Browser-Based game in which you start with a village and build up your empire to conquer the world and complete the Wonder of the World. It's pretty addictive, been playing it since 2005. Special thanks to Carter for using his villages to support my growing army. I should have my first oasis of the server sometime this week.

Okay, now here comes the bit where I just say random stuff about something that pisses me off. Some call it ranting, but I call it... well... ranting I guess. But what really grinds my gears is those retards who make computer viruses. In the last month, I would have received over one hundred, yes, one hundred, messages on msn which are clearly viruses. Come on people, what are little computer viruses on msn going to do to help you? Let you into someone's secret porn collection or something? And what happens if you manage to get in anyway? Take a peek at the hidden files on the Hard Drive? Grow up retards... Unless you're using it to hack some military defense network, I wouldn't even bother (credit to Transformers for that one).

Okaaay... since Carter INSISTED I post something about the concept of having "friends", here it is. Well, last Wednesday, I was on the bus with ara. We play this sorta game and rate bus drivers depending on their driving performances. That day was the second worst performance we've seen (the worst being the time I told ara to hold on to whatever you can get your hands on if you value your life). The driver leaves the stop at 10/10. There is a line of traffic on the road we're about to turn onto. The driver ignores it and goes up on the kerb and we all sit there staring, fingers in ears as the "Give Way" sign scratches against the window and fully bends. He lost 9 marks for that and another 1 for a random sudden breaking so he ended up with 0/10. Today was Bernard's bday. Vin ran into ara and I at the end of lunch and asked us to go play soccer or basketball afterschool. Turns out he dragged us to Bernard's party. It was fun while it lasted though. I randomly decided to be his personal poltergeist:) I just went and stood next to him. He felt :S so he moved. I walked over and stood in the same position. He ran. I followed, walking. He ran. It was a good laugh :)

Uni open days are on :) But I've only been to one. Sunday August 10 was the UWA Open Day. Soooomebody didn't realise that they were working that day and ditched Edna and I... nah, it was alright, was probably better without you there hehehe... oops, did I type that? If I did, I didn't not mean what I don't not didn't say :S Anywaaaays... it was fun. We got some "stress helmets" and they are now part of my new life :) Also went to see a supercomputer over at the School of Physics and for some reason my head just started hurting when I stood near it :( We went around for a while trying to find something to eat. I forgot it was Sunday so heaps of the places were closed. In the end, we just grabbed some overpriced Pizza Pie in the Guild Cafe. It was alright, probably not worth what we paid for it though. Was hoping to run into Wisefool aka Confucius there, but it turns out he arrived with his cousin at 1:30, around about the time we decided to leave. The following Sunday, Sunday 17 August was the Curtin Open Day. Didn't go to that :) Went over to Carter's place and watched Wall-E. When the two of them finally held hands, I was just expecting an explosion. Sadly, it didn't and those two idiots lived. Nah, jks, they're cool. Now, back on topic. This week is the Murdoch Uni Open Day. It's gonna be hell getting there... a whole 7 minutes of WALKING!!! I've never heard of such a concept before! Note to self: Kill whoever invented walking. But anyways, I gotta get something organized. See who's going and what's gonna happen. Hope it'll turn out better than UWA and Curtin hehehe...


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