The Last Days of Year 12

Sunday, October 19


Whoa this is :S... was just sitting around yesterday and my dad comes into the room. He yells and "lectures" me about concentrating on exams and blah blah blah, raging at me. Then, he stands there and calms down over the next few seconds, pulls a catalogue out of nowhere, points to a Wii, and says "I'm gonna buy this." A loaf of bread, a pack of pens, a bottle of milk... sure, just go and buy it... but wouldn't you at least consider consulting other people before just suddenly deciding to spend hundreds of dollars on something you don't know how to use?

Now, FISH WRANGLER! Stupid Hate Fish... I HATE THEM SO MUCH... probably just as much as cubeys... I need TWO more to get the next skill, I have enough money and points already.

Habitats of Large Fish
It takes a high-skilled wrangler to understand this lesson. You will learn the intricacies of wrangling some of the rarest fish of Farovia. This course explains different reeling, chumming and timing techniques that are required to catch these rare fish.
Costs: 32,350* 65,000 min. points required to learn*
Catch Prerequisites: 22 Fiesta, 4 Hate *

Overall Catch Totals
Updated hourly.

Cubey Fish (biggest: 7 oz)
Loafy Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Catty Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Mime Fish (biggest: 11 oz)
Fiesta Fish (biggest: 1.25 lb)
Miss Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Emo Fish (biggest: 10 oz)
Hippie Fish (biggest: 2.06 lb)
Tiger Shark Fish (biggest: 2.81 lb)
Vampire Fish (biggest: 15 oz)
Hate Fish (biggest: 3.44 lb)

btwbtwbtw... that pic up there is of my Necro Pole :)

Ah I've had this open for hours now... might as well post it in case I accidently close firefox and forget about it... I might post some more stuff later, see how I feel about it.

Thursday, October 16


Nothing really funny or stupid today, not in the mood :( The last few days have sucked so much. Got mock exam results back, and they sucked. Been sick, that sucked. Haven't slept well in days, that sucked. Sigh... everyone's a bit down lately. Don't know what to do, what to think, or how to feel.

So... let's start with mocks. Tuesday morning. 8:45am. Walked into T3. Literature. 53%. x.x. Lowest lit mark everrr... none of my exams went well. Remember in my last post, I mentioned that calc exam was a killer? It was. 45%. Forty Five Percent. Fail. Hibernation anyone? Average mark was around 58%, but that's probably due to the 87% and 90%+ that two people scored. You can tell cause the standard deviation was about 17%. Physics and Chem were blehhh... Applic and Jap were my top marks, tied at 68%. That sucks. Not even a 70, in ANY exam.

Hay fever sucks. I've been all fine pretty much all year, and after heading off to bed at 1am on Tuesday, I spring awake at 3:30am and start sneezing. Non-stop, and now I feel like sneezing every time I breathe in through my nose. :( I haven't had a good night's sleep since. My right arm and upper right region of my back ache, and I've been having recurring headaches quite often recently, which is the reason why I had to reject Cater in the 2nd week of the holidays.

Enough of the pessimism. Life isn't always that bad so again, anyone up for hibernation? Anyways, instead of study and blah blah blah, been watching random stuff lately. Watched The Dark Knight :) The way The Joker talks is so :S Watching Justice League again, after about 8-10 years :( This seems so much more awesome now than it did back then, maybe because now I can actually understand some of the stuff they talk about hehehe :) The Flash definitely appeals to Carter's values and attitudes, with or without non diegetic music :) Still got to watch The Four, 99 episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog, and other random movies which I have temporarily forgotten and can't look up because I lent my external hard drive to Adrian... Oh well.

Now, by special request from Carter, I am advertising the Facebook Application called Fish Wrangler. Fish NOW! 58k points ftw. I hate Cubey Fish.

Well, I think that's enough for now... The night is always darkest just before dawn. Let's hope that proves to be true for me, and for everyone.

PS. Wall Street Crash makes now the perfect time to buy. BUY BUY BUY!!! Wall Street Crash will also cause our housing prices to crash, making it the perfect time to invest. INVEST INVEST INVEST!!! I think I'll keep quiet now, before some econs expert proves me wrong. QUIET QUIET QUIET!!!

Friday, October 3

3 Weeks in 6 Paragraphs :)

I know, I know, I know... It's been about 3 weeks. I just couldn't be bothered, and you probably don't care, but just in case you do... live with it! The last few weeks have really been all :S. First there was mocks for 2 weeks. CALC WAS A KILLER... x.x I'll probably be happy with a pass in that. Applicable Maths and Chemistry were probably the two I felt most comfortable in. Anyway, that's seven down and seven to go.

Okay, you wanna hear the good news first or the bad news first? Ignoring the fact that I dunno who I'm asking when I say that, I'm... gonna start with the bad news. I. Got. Banned. End of story... not. Fact is, I really did get banned from Travian. Curse you Multihunter7. I WAS NOT MULTI-INGGGGGGG! I was merely sending resources from Carter's village to mine, in order to build up my army. What kind of rules are they anyways? You can't help a friend out by sending them resources from the same PC? W-T-F??? What if my friend came over and sent me some resources from my PC, do we both get banned? There's only two options for me at the moment. 1) Write an Explanatory message to Multihunter7 or 2) QUIT. I guess I'm gonna go with option 2. What is there to explain to the guy? I hate you? You're a useless 30 year old US stowaway with no life, living in a dumpster on $20 a week? Geez, some people are just... ARGH. So... because of this, two accounts and four villages have been rendered useless. If they keep this up, I wonder how they're gonna attract more people to play? I mean, they have all these awesome ads everywhere - I see them all the time while fb'ing, but :(

Okay, now for the good news: There's not really much more bad news :) And now to talk about the latest tv series I've been watching :)

Legend of the Demigods

For some reason, it seems to me like it's been a while since I've seen BCHM. Anyways, this is my kind of show. Godly powers, swordfighting, good vs evil, demons, godly magic... that kind of stuff :) I have 21/22 episodes downloaded, and I'm struggling to find somewhere to download episode 22 :(

Moonlight Resonance

Sequel to TVB's Heart of Greed (2007), Moonlight Resonance had a lot of attention throughout Hong Kong and currently holds the title of being TVB's Top Rated Series Ever, peaking at 50 points in the 2-hour finale in the scene where Yan Hung argues with her daughter Yu So Chau. For those who can understand it, this series is a MUST WATCH series :)

Now I'm out of ideas on what to download. I wanna watch The Four, but the only decent quality one I can find only has the first three episodes uploaded :( Oh well, I'll find something, I seem to almost always do :)