The Last Days of Year 12

Wednesday, August 27


After stealing Hannay's Keys yesterday, Adrian grabbed them off me as he passed by. I followed him upstairs and stole them back, intending to return them. I turn around and Jack and four of his friends are walking up to me. RAPE! The four of them just grabbed me and tried taking the keys by force. That's the last time I go and get something back for someone...

Regret of the week: Not going to talk to Clarence before going to chem after school. :(

Surveys for the yearbook are going around now. Haven't really started mine yet, but I've already been put down for some things. A couple of people put me down for "Most likely to be the next Prime Minister". Also, someone considered making their own category and put me down as "Most likely to be the next Queen of England". I'll be Queen of England... WHEN PIGS FLY!!! *Roasted pig is projected past the window* Erm... scratch that one... :D I'm trying to think what to put for the "What have you learned at school that you never thought you would" section. Right now, it's either "Triangles are Magic" from a physics video, "Stralow's Definition of and Academic" which is "The definition of an Academic is someone who learns more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything there is to know about nothing", or "Hyperactivity is a symptom of Mercury Poisoning".

Time for another bus story. Waiting for the bus at the busport, Ara and I were filling out the survey. We get up and get onto the bus when it arrives. After tagging on, we move to the back seat. There are about four people in a 2m radius. After a bit of chat about the rules for our points system, there was silence... so... I just said "I AM CALM!!!" and I wasn't paying attention, but according to Ara, all the people who could have heard it were shitting themselves! XDXDXD!!!

Well, that's all for now, think I'll go read Lady Friday now :D

a young man who behaves in a very rude, offensive and sometimes violent way


Red Lynx said...

Nice work Lee, You've just exposed to more people and shown them how much of an ass you are....HIGH FIVE Man, We should have shared that moment. And how could you betray The Big C? :(

Emily said...

those surveys are going to bi hi-larious to read.

hmm i just finished the drama class stuff, now i need to figure out where i am sending it.