The Last Days of Year 12

Tuesday, July 29


Now what happened today...? Erm, well I had a RAGING headache for at least TWELVE HOURS yesterday... so didn't study for calculus test which I probably have a 75% chance of FAILING :(

Anyways... enough about that... back to random stuff. Added more to the LEEst of LEE today, and I'm planning to just take that out and put it over as an area of the blog instead of just having it in a post. Need to make a new poll, the one that's up at the moment was just there for page layout purposes. Still, it IS pretty random... and I can EASILY tell what Carter voted for: His All-time Favourite Hero! Don Kan'onji!!!

It's not much, but that seems to be enough for now... too erm... what's the expression? Too "cbf"ed to do anymore... lol

The belief that when you die, your soul rises up to the ceiling and gets stuck there

Word Building:
frisbeetarianist (N)
frisbeetarianistic (V)

Monday, July 28

The LEEst of LEE

  • LEEgionnaire: Lee as a Roman infantry unit (Legionnaire)
  • LEEvers Jumpers: The Final year of year 12 Jumpers Lee wears (Self Explanatory)
  • AbsoluteLEE: Definitely, Yes (Absolutely)
  • LEEder: Something Lee will never be (lol)
  • LEEarnado Da Vinci: Lee as a famous artist (Self Explanatory)
  • KLEEnex: Lee's faviourite brand of toilet paper and tissues (known for its cushy softness)
  • LEEge: LEE, the Feudal Lord(Leige <-- HAHAHAHA Feudal Lord of What? Fried Rice Central?)
  • Adjectives
  • CowardLEE: Lee running away, or just being himself (Self Explanatory)
  • BraveLEE: Complete opposite of CowardLEE (Never gonna happen)
  • AngriLEE: Violent outburst of the Lee (Angrily)
  • BeautifuLEE: Lee unleashing his feminine side (Ewwww)
  • ConstantLEE: Going on and on and on, Lee's stoned phase (Constantly)
  • CalmLEE: Lee's usual mood (Calmly)
  • FinaLEE: About time... (Geez... take a millenia or so...)
  • SarcasticalLEE: Lee being serious... (sif)
  • UltimateLEE: The Ultimate Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • ExtraodinariLEE: Extraordinary Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • HungriLEE: How Lee feels after eating all his food ()
  • LiteralLEE: Lee meaning what he says (Since when does that happen?)
  • SpecificalLEE: Referring only to Lee (That's right, not you)
  • NotabLEE: Something Lee finds noteworthy (Listen up lah)
  • IntelligentLEE: Lee being himself... or not (Probably not)
  • Wonders of Lee
  • LEEning tower of Pisa
  • Movies starring Lee
  • Rush Hour LEE (Rush Hour 3)
  • I am LEEgend (I am Legend)
  • The LEEve Guru (The Love Guru)

  • defenestrate
    To throw through or out of a window.

    Word Building:

    LEEst of LEE

    The LEEst of LEE will probably be coming out later tonight or tomorrow, whenever Carter gets a chance to finish it and send it to me. For those who don't know, the LEEst of LEE is a list of random things involving the sound "Lee" in it, for example KnightLEE: A medieval Lee.

    Also, from now I plan to have bits of my LED or Lee's Engrish Dictionary at the end of the post ^^

    The act of picking one's nose.

    Sunday, July 27

    LED Inspiration!

    Sitting around trying to look for something to do today when... all of a sudden someone signs in on msn and i see a word :D So here it is, the first addition to the LED - Lee's Engrish Dictionary!

    Something that is small or insignificant.

    To make something seem small or insignificant.

    Word Building:
    floccinaucinihilipilificatious (A)
    floccinaucinihilipilificatiousness (A)

    And YES I still haven't finished that list of random questions -.-"

    Tuesday, July 8

    To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the Question

    To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the question. Is the Rush Hour Lee my life, or is my life Rush Hour Lee? Many have seeked the answer to this question, and those who have succeeded... lemme know cause I wanna know the answer too =)

    Putting that aside, this is just something fun to mess around with. There's gonna be a whole load of random gibberish going up here, so be prepared next time you open this up =) I'm currently working on a list of random, possibly rhetorical and/or pointless questions so... yeah, hopefully that'll be finished and up soon.

    FOr now though... erm, forget about that, here's something from Rush Hour 3 - a hilarious scene so... erm... well... just watch the damn clip lah!