The Last Days of Year 12

Sunday, December 7

The Partae!

Yes I realise I've skipped the last 3-4 weeks, but don't worry, i'm working on that post and I'll put it up when I'm done with it :]

However, I wanna blog about Saturday, so here it goes...

Yesterday was Carter's 18th Birthday Party (For us applex and ex-applex noobs). It apparently started at 10, so Carter told me to come at 11, because apparently I am ALWAYS EXTREMELY EARLY -.-" So... I still get there early, 1 minute early... TAKE THAT CARTER! But anyways, I was the first one there, and Carter was half asleep -.-" So he threw me on the xbox 360 and went to take a shower. Ended up playing Ninja Gaiden for a while. After a little while Butters, Jack and Matt came. Then the people eventually began coming in... the invites say 10am... why does everyone come at around noon? -.-"

Anyways, Carter grabbed the xbox 360 and took it out into the other room. We started Halo'ing and people eventually popped up. After Halo'ing for a while, people decided to go into the pool. I explored Carter's computer and HD. Started up episode 195 of Bleach for the PIMP to watch, even though she's only up to 135ish -.-".

Anyways then we started preparing lunch. Aundre screwed around with the BBQ and so we ended up spending a while fixing it before food actually started getting cooked -.-". I ended up defrosting a hell of a lot of sausages... and then ended up chopping up onions with Butters and Edna... and yes, we did MULTIPLE Ednas :) T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T
Is that enough for you? ^^

We also had the classic "Ho5's Pool Encounter" only this year he volunteered himself so he wasn't grabbed while on singstar :(

Oh btwbtwbtw... ZOMG I GOT CARTER THE EXACT SAME PRESENT FROM THE EXACT SAME PLACE AS THE PIMP!!! Only I got mine 2nd week of TEE and she got hers the week before Carter's party so... I WIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough*AAAAAAAA*cough*AAAHAHAHAAAAA*cough* x.x

Monday, November 10


Wiktionary defines boredom as "the state of being bored". That is my current state. Some booblet suggested I make a post here... I still don't know what's going to happen here, so don't blame me if I seem to start talking about nothing at all... okies?

Alright, what's on my mind...? Ooh, over the weekend I watched 2 movies that I've wanted to see for a while:) Eragon and FFVII Advent Children. They were both pretty good.

Three Hours Later.

3:17am PDT
Caught a 4 oz Ninja Fish, worth 867 points and 1324 gold.


RAWR cbf with this post anymore... bb :)

Saturday, November 8

Random day :) It was awesome :)

Let's start from the very beginning. Woke up. Mum asked why I was up so early. I reminded. her that I was going with my sis n bro to school to save her an extra car trip. So anyways, was getting ready, and as the car pulled away from the house, I forgot to lock the door, so I ran back and locked it. Then, as we were pulling away again, I rechecked my bag and realized... I FORGOT MY PERSONALIZED EXAM TIMETABLEEEEEEE! ZOMG! So we stopped the car and I ran back inside and grabbed it. The rest of the trip she was ranting at me for forgetting stuff :( But anyways, got to school, wandered around for a little while, then went to the library. I pretty much sat there staring at a compilation of Mai Barnes' essays... 24, 24, 25, 24, 25 RAWR! I want those markssss!

Okay, so now it's 8:50am, and all the students have probably gone to period one. The few of us in the library decide to head over to the hall and see who's there. We hang around for a while and head in. Skipping all the random boring stuff about what actually happened IN the exam, we get th the point when we all come out. When everyone came out, there were two main reactions. 1) ZOMG IT WAS SO COLD IN THERE!!! I thought so too. My hands were shaking to the point that my h's looked like m's :( mellow, mow are you today? mave you been doing tme rigmt tming? or been naugmty? RAGE! 2) ZOMG!!! NO MORE ESSAYS!!! EVERR!!! This part I liiike :) And for those smart-asses out there thinking that I've forgotten about the "Chemistry Essay", no, I have not. The way I see it, the "Chemistry Essay" is not really an essay. It is just an "extended answer" :) Loopholes are fun.

Okay, so now we're out of lit. I head home and then head out to lunch with a group of Buddhist monks and nuns :) Was pretty good food, but so damn expensive :( We chatted for a little while, then headed home. They then used my laptop to search for organic food stores or something along those lines. Anyways, they leave and I head back to my desk with my laptop. I spend a while there on FISH WRANGLER! ARGH! RAGE!!! I HATE NOT CATCHING SOMETHING!!! CAUGHT NOTHING, CAUGHT NOTHING, CHUM FLOATED AWAY, SOMETHING ATE MY CHUM, CAUGHT NOTHING, CAUGHT NOTHING RAA RAA RAA That happened probably over 10 times:( Almost entirely consecutively :( It's happening to me this morning too. WHY DO YOU HATE ME FISH WRANGLER???

Okay, after a while, Butters comes on msn and says she's bored. She asked me to teach her how to make my awesome fwowers a few days ago and was like... wanna come over and teach me? But my parents weren't home and I had to watch over my sis n bro, so I said if she reaaaaly wanted to, she could come over, and she did. We watched some random stuff on my external hard drive and started making some flowers lol. Just as she's about to leave, I stand in her way. She pushes me and I end up leaning against the chair, still in her way. Then, that evil, cruel, malevolent woman... she... she... she TICKED ME! I just collapsed on the floor. It was a Kodak moment.

So... butters left and I was just doing random facebooking, then started up a convo with Carter. Carter invited Lee (Not me, the other Lee, we'll just call her erm... we'll just call her Edna for now) to the convo. This is where I feel soooo betrayed.

(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:20 PM):
Hey Lee
Meet Lee
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:20 PM):
hm? me meet me?
i can do that a mirror #00
e d n a says (11:20 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:20 PM):
Not Lee
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:21 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:21 PM):
you know... talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:21 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:21 PM):
but i'm already way past that stage :)
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:21 PM):
Are you hearing voices?
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:22 PM):
does my conscience count?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:22 PM):
No man
Everyone has thus
e d n a says (11:22 PM):
sorry i went quiet
parents just come in and check up
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:23 PM):
Its only a select few who have those "other" "special" voices
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:23 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:24 PM):
batman has the best MODEM
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:24 PM):
good job (Y)
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:24 PM):
waaaaassss my dp?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:25 PM):
Oh yeah
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:25 PM):

(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:25 PM):
Lee, Lee wants you to get facebook again
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:25 PM):
but i have facebook...
ooh right... the other lee...
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:25 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:26 PM):
e d n a says (11:26 PM):
stil thinking of lee words
oo the other day i thought of a good one
but now i lost it
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:26 PM):
brilliantLEE done
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:26 PM):
Thats why you write it on your hand
e d n a says (11:26 PM):
might as well pick up a dictionary
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:27 PM):
niceLEE done
e d n a says (11:27 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:27 PM):
no, just pick up the LEEst of LEE lah
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:27 PM):
LEE cannot be found in the dictionary
e d n a says (11:28 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:28 PM):
But if you complain about the service, they would just look at you
e d n a says (11:28 PM):
i was about to crack up laughing in the english exam
coz there was this person named lee in one of the images
dunno why
but when i looked at it i started laughing
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:28 PM):
lee is an awesome name
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:28 PM):
Story featuring you aye?
SuperbLEE done
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:29 PM):
hey edna, how WAS the engrish exam?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:29 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:30 PM):
Engrish, not phail
e d n a says (11:30 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:31 PM):
oh btw carter, i applied for that edge card lol
so did hannay
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:31 PM):
Oh nice
Bout time lol
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:32 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:32 PM):
lol Emoticon fail
e d n a says (11:32 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:33 PM):
Edna, Apply for the student Edge card You get tons of student discounts and its free
Well we should have all applied when we were in Yr 1 lol
e d n a says (11:33 PM):
i like the sound of free
ad discounts
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:33 PM):
e d n a says (11:33 PM):
coz i'm kind of in dire need of money
did i even spell that right??
ah well
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:34 PM):
is it because more money = more food? XD
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:34 PM):
You could have said urgent
Dire sounds like youre dying
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:34 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:34 PM):
More Money = More food!
Wife = Free food :P
Should have told Ms raich that before you left
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:35 PM):
she still can
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:36 PM):
oh yeah, did i tell you what happened after lit todya?
e d n a says (11:36 PM):
stil think that she's a feminist?
she baked us cupcakes
for the whole class
on the last day
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:36 PM):
e d n a says (11:36 PM):
half the class didnt end up coming
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:36 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:37 PM):
I did not get cupcakes
e d n a says (11:37 PM):
and it was only me, wayne, hannay and two other peeps
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:37 PM):
haha you lose
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:37 PM):
Why wasn't I informed?
e d n a says (11:37 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:37 PM):
ZOMG 4 people?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:37 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:37 PM):
that means you guys must have had like... 5 eash!
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:37 PM):
So many left over cupcakes....
e d n a says (11:37 PM):
moving on
e d n a says (11:38 PM):
well they were all the same flavour,,,,
does that help?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:38 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:38 PM):
it'd make him want more, unless it's coffee flavoured:)
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:38 PM):
Well you can't expect her to bake several different flavours
She cbf lol
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:39 PM):
i made like... 20 last week :)
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:39 PM):
Lee can cook?
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:40 PM):
well edna DID win the prize for food production or whatever it's called...
e d n a says (11:40 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:40 PM):
Wanna get married? lol
e d n a says (11:40 PM):
and it was vanilla flavoured
not chocolate
i'll have t o thinkaboutt that
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:40 PM):
say yes lol
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:40 PM):
(Its so I have a full time FREE cook)
e d n a says (11:40 PM):
is there a catch to this?
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:40 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:41 PM):
I'll bring in the money 8ahem* ingredients
e d n a says (11:41 PM):
nikhil's mind----> (FREE BUBBLE TEA)
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:41 PM):
And you can have fun making it into something tasty
e d n a says (11:41 PM):
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:41 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:41 PM):
We should all have bubble tea again
e d n a says (11:41 PM):
yes yes that does sound like a FAIR offer
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:41 PM):
I'm too poor to afford a wedding or a ring
So I'll make you a ring out of a Bubble tea straw
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:42 PM):
have aninoin ring instead
e d n a says (11:42 PM):
nah i prefer something edible
like those starburst lolly rings
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:42 PM):
Burger Ring?
e d n a says (11:42 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:42 PM):
Sorry you can only get a burger ring
Can I have multiple maids *ahem* wives?
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:43 PM):
i believe it's called polygamy
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:43 PM):
Why would I want a paper wife?
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:43 PM):
hey, i've been origami-ing the last few days lah!
I MADE THOSE FLOWERS LAH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:43 PM):
Can you make me Origi-ramen?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:44 PM):
Girls make flowers and food
e d n a says (11:44 PM):
origami ramen
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:44 PM):
can you make me food?
e d n a says (11:44 PM):
oo btw i went past a ramen store in the city
and just as i was about to go in i realised i was out of money
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:44 PM):
My Origami Army and Me shall RULE THE WORLD
e d n a says (11:44 PM):
and i still dont know what it tastes like
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:44 PM):
Thats why you wash the dishes to pay your bill
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:44 PM):
e d n a says (11:44 PM):
u watch too many movies nikreterte
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:44 PM):
e d n a says (11:45 PM):
oo where's the other lee??
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:45 PM):
Youre the other Lee
e d n a says (11:45 PM):
i mean ''the lee''
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:45 PM):
e d n a says (11:45 PM):
if that makes any sense?
lee number 2
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:45 PM):
wait, is it just me, or can edna not see what i'm typing?
e d n a says (11:45 PM):
since i'm lee number 1 on my library card
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:45 PM):
ActuaLEE it does..:S
e d n a says (11:46 PM):
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:46 PM):
I don't think Edna can see what youre typing
Say something aimed at Edna
See if she repLEEies
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:46 PM):
erm, hi edna? now you say hi back
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:47 PM):
so i've been here for the last 27 mins typing messages to someone who can't see them...?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:47 PM):
Youre the invisible man
wait, I know why
Youre using invisible ink lah
- || (R)*helpPanophobic ||(F)(F)(F)|| YAY! NO MORE ESSAYS! EVER!!! [3/7] || - says (11:47 PM):
hmmm wanna try reinviting me?
(N)(I)(K)(H)(I)(L) (U) *sigh* says (11:48 PM):
Who invited you in the first place?

I SAT THERE IN A CONVERSATION FOR TWENTY SEVEN MINUTES, SENDING MESSAGES TO SOMEONE WHO COULDN'T EVEN SEE THEM. I feel sooo betrayed! I was sitting there thinking... erm... am I being ignored? And THEN she says "oo where's the other lee??" Someone pl0x kill me, I feel sooooooooo betrayed right now. I think I'm just going to go over to that corner over there and cry to myself. GOODBYE!

Wednesday, November 5

*Enthusiastically* STUDYING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

ZOMG I THINK I <3 STUDY!!! WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE AN INTEGRAL! Mmm... maybe a derivative too, so I can lie tangent to curves hehehe :] But pretty much... this SUCKS. Since Friday, I've been working on two calculus papers. Sure I've been reading through them, but I've only sat down and done PART of one. Seven Questions from the 2006 Calculus TEE paper.

Apart from working SO HARD on the TEE papers, I've been bored as hell. Every day is pretty much the same.
Wake up.
Turn on computer.
Come back to computer.
Use computer.
Leave computer at 2am.

On a completely random note, we had two Trick-or-Treat'ers come by on Halloween xD! My parents went outside and were like... WHAT THE FRIPTORIAL???

On another compeltely random note, I spent most of today making a pwetty fwower :)

Now I'm bored again, guess I'll just quit now :)

Saturday, November 1

The Last Days of School... (2314 Words :])

The Last Days of School... many in the past have wished for it to come, but now that it's gone, we wish it hadn't. Teachers and classmates come and go, but memories will be with you forever... unless you forget them of course :] Let's start with a walk through of my day.

Got to school around 8:15. The weather was kind of dull, partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 20s. Now let's stop talking like meteorologists and continue. I met up with ara and showed him some papers and we were just talking until second bell went, as usual. I headed downstairs and went over to CG to drop off my bag before heading over to D6 to grab a toy sword from Kretzmann for Monday. Went back to my CG and Mr Shields started talking about references, and that we might be able to come and collect them from him on Tuesday. Then the bell goes and we head off to Period One. We were downstairs for Calculus again today. I headed inside and then just went up to Bernard and slashed him with the sword :] And then "Shirt Signing Day" officially began. Bernard, Dan, Matt, Tilly, and Tom signed mine and I was signing other people's with my catchphrase "MAKE ME!" :] We took a couple of class photos and then it was time to go.

So now I make my way over to physics. Physics was just time to screw around with. People were running around to other classes trying to get other teachers to sign their shirts. I was in class for most of the time, got quite a bit of the class to sign my shirt, then Kretzmann and Dan decided to argue about random facts with Mr Stralow who eventually started teaching chemistry to us... dimethylchickenwire... Still, I think my Cyclone (Cyclo Ketone) is still the best :)

Next came recess. By the time I got our to our usual hang out spot, everyone was already signing shirts like mad. I got mine signed by a few people, most notably by Ara and Jared. Jared signed Ara's with something about Info Sys and if I recall correctly, something about Brian Clarence! Brian Clarence FTW! I spent about half of recess asking Ara to hurry up cause I had to grab some stuff from the library for chem. Eventually, I just couldn't be bothered going until the bell because after all the signing was done, there was only about 1 minute till the end of recess, so why bother heading off that early ey? Anyways we reached the lab and I left my bag and stuff with Kretzmann and headed over to the library. I went in and waited for like... 10 mins before someone decided to come over to assist me. They handed me the laptop and I asked them if they had one of those remote control mouse things, cause we used one last year in physics and I thought it would be useful since the port forthe projector was so far away from the centre of the lab, but they gave me a mouse -.-" then they gave me a remote for a projector -.-" then I just left.

Went back to the lab and everyone was eating and screwing around. Jackson and a few others were preparing yet ANOTHER rap for Mr Hair. He's done one for Mrs Pang, Ms Ng (Student Teacher) and unregrettably Dring :) "Look as me my name is Dr Dring, I smell like shit and have..." I think I'll just leave it there :) Anyways everyone chats and eats for a while then Mr Hair calms everyone down and I start my presentation on my Wine Project (Sorry for wasting valuable party time guys hehehe :]) and as I finish, Jackson does his presentation for Mr Hair. Some people got it on video... I'll have to see who I can scavenge it from.

After chem I headed off to Japanese. Ms Rose had INTENDED to do a practice listening task with us, but we sure made her forget about that :) Shirt Signing! Photo Taking! Shirt Signing and Photo Taking >>>>>>> Listening Tasks! So I got Ms Rose, Miyuki and Junko to sign my shirt. Also managed to get Jess Regan to sign mine, and Aubrey drew a strawberry. After a while of shirt signing, Ms Rose gave a little talk, thanking us for a great year and telling us how great we were as a yeargroup :) We Win! :P

Lunch was alright. I decided not to eat (I know Carter will wanna kill me for saying that!) and went off with Ara. We stopped off at the Maths office first. We got Mrs Pang to sign our shirts :) Then after wandering around for a little while (and Ara avoiding Mr Ahmed), we wandered over to Asian Central:P Sadly though, we felt abandoned. No one was there, they had all gone to watch the students versus teachers basketball. I may have only been there for the last 15-20 mins, and may have heard the ref say the score was 30-19 in favour of the teachers, but WHAT THE FRIPTORIAL? I don't believe that :) The bell went and everyone still stayed around for about 10 mins until the teachers told us to clear off, and so I headed off to Lit :)

Lit was a rather interesting class to have as the last experience of high school life. Mrs Papas was wandering around catching any year 12s who wandered around or to other classes. Mr Mcmahon kind of just said... head over to Mr Docherty's if you want, and he shuts the door and starts playing games of chess that he just kept winning. Eventually, it was just a few of us left in the classroom. The others had all gone to Mr Docherty's class to watch a slideshow... and getting caught... and being dragged back to class XD! So... that was the end of school, officially.

After the weekend, Monday brought a new reason to come to school: To screw around with students and teachers! Yes, it was Dress Up Day. There were so many random costumes, and a lot more transvestites than I expected. I came as Hirako Shinji, the Vizard from Bleach. We started off the day just wandering the school, taking photos and stuff like that. Then, the warning bell went and we moved into the hall. It was there that I finally met up with Ara. He came as a snake charmer XD, and as some people told him, "It's Dress UP, not FREE Dress!" But yeah, that's kind of mean. Costumes I can remember off the top of my head are Ninjas, The Jabbawokeez, The Three Amigos, Bees, Snake Charmers, Bikies, Pringles, Chefs, Gorillas, Faries, Mooses (Or Meese), and Samurai. It was really, really random :)

Dress Up Day Photos :)

So we headed off to Period 1 at about 9, which for me was Applic. We got together for a class photo with all our costumes, and then we just sat around and chatted. At 9:45, we headed off to Period 2, which for me was Calculus. However, as we reached the classroom, it seemed that everyone had abandoned our class and moved back into the hall with the sport class that was on, so we went there, and I spent about 40 minutes just tailing Bernard, cause there really wasn't much for me to do and there weren't any of my good friends around. At 10:30, all the year 12s gathered outside the gym, near the stage in the Lower Quad. We were rehearsing for the Dress Up Day Parade at recess, although there was not much to rehearse. It was pretty much just... everyone walk onto the stage, do what you feel like and then walk off. I went up with Bernard, who was the Ninja. We had a fight on stage! We hacked away at each other for a few seconds and then I slashed Bernard and he fell to the ground. It was fun. After the parade, we had to leave school grounds immediately. That wasn't fun. Ara wanted to get his lock cut, but as soon as we stepped back in, we were asked to leave. So... we started to leave but saw Bernard sitting around, so we dragged him along with us to Garden City. We got some $1 cans, and Bernard got a pretzel while I grabbed a pie from Jesters. We sat there, ate, and took photos for a while, and then decided to leave. On the way out to the Busport, we passed by Jesters again and Bernard took a photo with one of the people working there. Talk about photos with randoms... When he asked her, the expression on her face was just like... WHATTHEFRIPTORIAL? Afterwards I went over to Ara's place for a while and helped reformat his computer. However... I forgot to change the settings back to boot from his HD, not boot from the Windows CD... my bad hehehe... But anyways, we just did some random stuff, and then I had to leave cause my parents were raging at me for not being home so long after we left the school (by now it was about 4:30), so yeah... I got owned.

The next day was the final assembly, and rehearsal for the graduation ceremony. The assembly finished about 20 minutes early, but the rehearsal took a while. According to Mr V though, we were the fastest yeargroup to finish the rehearsal :) However, everyone was moaning and complaining as the teachers got the first few rows to walk up one by one and then walk down, telling them to take their time because it's "your moment". Everyone moaned and compained even more when they were asked to move over to the wall to get a whole yeargroup photo. Fortunately, everyone just remained in their seats and the photo was taken from the front. As we left the hall, a few of us just hung around. I managed to grab photos with Edna, Hannay, Andrew, Anthony, Bernard, Vincent, Luke, Mrs Papas and Mr Lilleyman xD Afterwards, we proceeded to the Design and Tech Office to grab the tools to cut open Bernard's lock. It was probably about 1m long... and THEY TRUSTED ME WITH IT MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We then headed off to Garden City. We wandered around for a while looking at wax and spray for Bernard. Luke needed to grab some credit for his phone, so when they headed into Kmart, I decided to ditch them :) I grabbed the bus home and FB'ed for a while before getting ready for the Graduation Dinner Dance.

Last Day Photos :)

The Graduation Dinner Dance didn't start till about 8, even though everyone was told it started at 7:30, and councillors had to arrive around 6:30. My dad insisted on leaving at 6, so I got there way before everyone else and was just standing around for about half an hour. Mr Forman eventually came, and we discussed where all the balloons and stuff like that should go. After a little while, Ashleigh arrived with the Helium and we started decorating! The big "2008" balloons were the first to be blown up. We debated whether to put them at the entrance or on the dancefloor by the plain white wall. Eventually it was the wall. The other balloons were put where I felt like putting them. Ashleigh blew them up and I tied them where everyone saw them. At around 7, people started coming. I walked out to the stairs, looked down and saw Bernard, Luke and Steph. I went down and took some photos, then came back up with them. We headed inside to grab tables because we had to scratch the original seating plan, but that had no effect on me cause I wasn't on it in the first place. But anyways, after toying around with tables, switching between 3 different tables, we crammed an extra two seats onto one table :) Then... the night began. Food, dance, drinks. Some really random stuff happened, so much that I forgot most of it (or... well... I just don't feel like writing it all out :])

Graduation Dinner Dance Photos :)

And now... we get to the last few days. The last dew days have been really... different. This week I've been working on stuff for my TEE Japanese Oral Interview, which was yesterday and happened to go quite smoothly. Other than that, I've been watching movies, msn'ing, fb'ing, and of course blogging. The difference is, now, there are so many people that I have not had the chance to know as well as I could have, and so many people that I know who I have not said a proper farewell to. High School is pretty much over, and each one of us will walk off on our own paths. It is a somewhat sad part of life, but it is a new beginning for us all. To be honest, there have been times (and they still pop up now as I just do stuff at home) where I feel like bursting out into tears. I don't know how, but it just happens. So to all those who I never had the chance to know well, and those who I never had the chance to say farewell, best of luck in your TEE, and all the best for the future.

Sunday, October 19


Whoa this is :S... was just sitting around yesterday and my dad comes into the room. He yells and "lectures" me about concentrating on exams and blah blah blah, raging at me. Then, he stands there and calms down over the next few seconds, pulls a catalogue out of nowhere, points to a Wii, and says "I'm gonna buy this." A loaf of bread, a pack of pens, a bottle of milk... sure, just go and buy it... but wouldn't you at least consider consulting other people before just suddenly deciding to spend hundreds of dollars on something you don't know how to use?

Now, FISH WRANGLER! Stupid Hate Fish... I HATE THEM SO MUCH... probably just as much as cubeys... I need TWO more to get the next skill, I have enough money and points already.

Habitats of Large Fish
It takes a high-skilled wrangler to understand this lesson. You will learn the intricacies of wrangling some of the rarest fish of Farovia. This course explains different reeling, chumming and timing techniques that are required to catch these rare fish.
Costs: 32,350* 65,000 min. points required to learn*
Catch Prerequisites: 22 Fiesta, 4 Hate *

Overall Catch Totals
Updated hourly.

Cubey Fish (biggest: 7 oz)
Loafy Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Catty Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Mime Fish (biggest: 11 oz)
Fiesta Fish (biggest: 1.25 lb)
Miss Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Emo Fish (biggest: 10 oz)
Hippie Fish (biggest: 2.06 lb)
Tiger Shark Fish (biggest: 2.81 lb)
Vampire Fish (biggest: 15 oz)
Hate Fish (biggest: 3.44 lb)

btwbtwbtw... that pic up there is of my Necro Pole :)

Ah I've had this open for hours now... might as well post it in case I accidently close firefox and forget about it... I might post some more stuff later, see how I feel about it.

Thursday, October 16


Nothing really funny or stupid today, not in the mood :( The last few days have sucked so much. Got mock exam results back, and they sucked. Been sick, that sucked. Haven't slept well in days, that sucked. Sigh... everyone's a bit down lately. Don't know what to do, what to think, or how to feel.

So... let's start with mocks. Tuesday morning. 8:45am. Walked into T3. Literature. 53%. x.x. Lowest lit mark everrr... none of my exams went well. Remember in my last post, I mentioned that calc exam was a killer? It was. 45%. Forty Five Percent. Fail. Hibernation anyone? Average mark was around 58%, but that's probably due to the 87% and 90%+ that two people scored. You can tell cause the standard deviation was about 17%. Physics and Chem were blehhh... Applic and Jap were my top marks, tied at 68%. That sucks. Not even a 70, in ANY exam.

Hay fever sucks. I've been all fine pretty much all year, and after heading off to bed at 1am on Tuesday, I spring awake at 3:30am and start sneezing. Non-stop, and now I feel like sneezing every time I breathe in through my nose. :( I haven't had a good night's sleep since. My right arm and upper right region of my back ache, and I've been having recurring headaches quite often recently, which is the reason why I had to reject Cater in the 2nd week of the holidays.

Enough of the pessimism. Life isn't always that bad so again, anyone up for hibernation? Anyways, instead of study and blah blah blah, been watching random stuff lately. Watched The Dark Knight :) The way The Joker talks is so :S Watching Justice League again, after about 8-10 years :( This seems so much more awesome now than it did back then, maybe because now I can actually understand some of the stuff they talk about hehehe :) The Flash definitely appeals to Carter's values and attitudes, with or without non diegetic music :) Still got to watch The Four, 99 episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog, and other random movies which I have temporarily forgotten and can't look up because I lent my external hard drive to Adrian... Oh well.

Now, by special request from Carter, I am advertising the Facebook Application called Fish Wrangler. Fish NOW! 58k points ftw. I hate Cubey Fish.

Well, I think that's enough for now... The night is always darkest just before dawn. Let's hope that proves to be true for me, and for everyone.

PS. Wall Street Crash makes now the perfect time to buy. BUY BUY BUY!!! Wall Street Crash will also cause our housing prices to crash, making it the perfect time to invest. INVEST INVEST INVEST!!! I think I'll keep quiet now, before some econs expert proves me wrong. QUIET QUIET QUIET!!!

Friday, October 3

3 Weeks in 6 Paragraphs :)

I know, I know, I know... It's been about 3 weeks. I just couldn't be bothered, and you probably don't care, but just in case you do... live with it! The last few weeks have really been all :S. First there was mocks for 2 weeks. CALC WAS A KILLER... x.x I'll probably be happy with a pass in that. Applicable Maths and Chemistry were probably the two I felt most comfortable in. Anyway, that's seven down and seven to go.

Okay, you wanna hear the good news first or the bad news first? Ignoring the fact that I dunno who I'm asking when I say that, I'm... gonna start with the bad news. I. Got. Banned. End of story... not. Fact is, I really did get banned from Travian. Curse you Multihunter7. I WAS NOT MULTI-INGGGGGGG! I was merely sending resources from Carter's village to mine, in order to build up my army. What kind of rules are they anyways? You can't help a friend out by sending them resources from the same PC? W-T-F??? What if my friend came over and sent me some resources from my PC, do we both get banned? There's only two options for me at the moment. 1) Write an Explanatory message to Multihunter7 or 2) QUIT. I guess I'm gonna go with option 2. What is there to explain to the guy? I hate you? You're a useless 30 year old US stowaway with no life, living in a dumpster on $20 a week? Geez, some people are just... ARGH. So... because of this, two accounts and four villages have been rendered useless. If they keep this up, I wonder how they're gonna attract more people to play? I mean, they have all these awesome ads everywhere - I see them all the time while fb'ing, but :(

Okay, now for the good news: There's not really much more bad news :) And now to talk about the latest tv series I've been watching :)

Legend of the Demigods

For some reason, it seems to me like it's been a while since I've seen BCHM. Anyways, this is my kind of show. Godly powers, swordfighting, good vs evil, demons, godly magic... that kind of stuff :) I have 21/22 episodes downloaded, and I'm struggling to find somewhere to download episode 22 :(

Moonlight Resonance

Sequel to TVB's Heart of Greed (2007), Moonlight Resonance had a lot of attention throughout Hong Kong and currently holds the title of being TVB's Top Rated Series Ever, peaking at 50 points in the 2-hour finale in the scene where Yan Hung argues with her daughter Yu So Chau. For those who can understand it, this series is a MUST WATCH series :)

Now I'm out of ideas on what to download. I wanna watch The Four, but the only decent quality one I can find only has the first three episodes uploaded :( Oh well, I'll find something, I seem to almost always do :)

Tuesday, September 9

100 Questions I WANT ANSWERS TO.... NOWWWW!!!

100 Questions I want the Answers to... NOW!

1) Are you really the head of the Kwikimart?
2) Really?
3) You?
4) Does AREA 51 hold the site where the "moon landing" was filmed, or does it hold NBO1 aka Megatron?
5) How many people actually know the meaning of Frisbeetarianism?
6) If 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything; then what is the ultimate question?
7) How many people have been told they are one in a million, only to realise that it means there's over 6,500 people just like them?
8) Why is it that racecar spelt backwards is racecar?
9) If I stuck buttered toast to a cat and dropped it, would it hover off the ground and begin to fly?
10) Why is the process of reducing significant figures in maths is called rounding and not circling?
11) Who was the idiot who farted and set off the big bang?
12) Why are black people called black if they're actually brown?
13) What's the hidden secret behind 'horny mushrooms'?
14) Why does Yagami Light's family name spelt backwards read 'I'm a Gay'?
15) Is he gay?
16) Why is a 50c coin bigger than a $2 coin?
17) Why do some people send annoying chainmail?
18) Why do others send annoying chainmails telling people not to participate in chainmails?
19) Who invented the game knifey-spoony?
20) How can a slim chance and fat chance be the same, while a wise man and wise guy are opposites?
21) Why is it that rules always have an exception?
22) Does a super hero have to have super powers?
23) Why doesn't Batman have super powers?
24) Is batman a superhero?
25) Why come whenever you don't need something, it's everywhere; but when you do need it, it's nowhere?
26) What noob created the word 'noob'?
27) Are the words most frequently used by noobs "Team Plz" or "1k Plz"?
28) Why was the biggest painting ever made a 6730 square metre smiley face?
29) Who decided to name the condom after Dr Charles Condom (1630-1685)?
30) What genius created National Pi Day (March 14 at 1:59, or 3/14 1:59 by the US calendar)?
31) Why is it that writers write, but fingers don't fing?
32) Why do people die?
33) Does Equivalent Trade really exist?
34) Are IQ and shoe size related?
35) Why do people believe the earth is round when it's clearly FLAT?
36) Why do you think they have a Flat Earth Society?
37) Is it just to make everyone look retarded?
38) Well?
39) Is it?
40) Did ancient Egyptians have Hieroglyphics Soup instead of Alphabet Soup?
41) Why do people say they will die for their country but come back alive?
42) If people start kicking a soccer ball around like a football, would they be playing foccer?
43) Why is there no one to talk to on msn when I'm bored to death?
44) How many people actually ROFL?
45) When you ask Australians a question, why do they always tell you what they are not, instead of what they are?
46) How many people have actually ridden in a kangaroo?
47) How many of those people actually enjoyed the experience?
48) How many people believe in the supernatural?
49) Does bigfoot like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
50) Why is 'blackcurrent' juice purple?
51) If it says 'free samples', are you allowed to take more than 1?
52) What kind of person was the person who thought up the name 'Free Willy"?
53) Why is the great Australia world's famous movie 'Pricilla Queen of the Desert' about 2 gays and a transvestite?
54) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
55) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
56) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
57) Why do so many things make people so agro?
58) Does the Prime Minister have to pay tax?
59) Why do people who need help back away, but people who are just damn lazy always ask for help?
60) Why is there a coffee flavoured bubble tea?
61) Why is there a tea flavoured bubble tea?
62) Why does 'an uniform' sound wrong?
63) Why does mineral water that has "trickled through mountains for centuries" go out of date next year?
64) Why are Softballs hard?
65) If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
66) Do stupid questions deserve stupid answers?
67) Is gluttony really a sin?
68) What genius created National Mole Day (6:02 on October 23, or 6:02 10/23 by the US calendar)?
69) What is the first thing that comes to mind when "girl", "coconut" and "69" are mentioned together?
70) Do the big "HOLLYWOOD" letters exist because the people there are illiterate?
71) What came first; Hollywood or Bollywood?
72) What does "happily ever after" really mean?
73) How many people have tried to eat pi?
74) Does ">" or "<" go in "Batman _ Superman"?
75) How many retards answered "<" for #74?
76) If tetrahydrocannibinol is the chemical formula for marajuana, then what is cannibinol?
77) Why is a rabbit's foot considered to be good luck?
78) Why is a dog man's best friend?
79) What's the difference between 69 and 79?
80) Why is the answer to everything not 7 or pi/2?
81) Where did my ridiculous craze for the number 7 come from?
82) Why is a character in the story i'm writing based on the number 7?
83) Why does the wealth of mycountry decrease if i implement a tax to fix fire hydrants?
84) Since when did the people of Daraevia live on three-day-old droppings of vegetarian animals?
85) Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?
86) Can you really have x^0?
87) When is Batman 3 coming out?
88) Why haven't I seen Batman 2 yet?
89) Why am I not updating the LEEst of LEE?
90) Why is the word 'dictionary' in the dictionary?
91) Why did it take me well over 3 months to get to this point in the list?
92) Why does a pickpocket take what's in the pocket and then just leave the pocket?
93) What actually is an emoticon?
94) Why am I doing this so late when I should be preparing for tomorrow's calculus test?
95) What was the first word ever spoken?
96) Was it *grunt*?
97) If there is someone or something out there, do you think they'd like ice cream as much as we do?
98) Where did the term 'pussy cat' come from?
99) Who was the first person to name their child 'dick'?
100) Does BFM really have a Gay Card?

a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust causing inflammation in the lungs

Monday, September 1


Got up at 9 yesterday. Looked at my watch and "WHAT THE FRIP"ped. Thought I was gonna be late. BUT by the time I got ready, I had aaages to go. So I decided to go wash my hair for no apparent reason. And so I left and arrived at Winthrop Village just as some booblet drove in. But anyways, we walked around for a while and then decided to head back to the car. Hourssss later (I may be exaggerating there a bit but who cares?) carter shows up. Deciding that a 10 minute walk was too much, butters started up the car. Aaand so we arrive at Murdoch Uni. After a *perfect* parking, we head over towards Environmental Sciences. We stop to grab a bag of free stuff :D Free stuff is always good, and then we walk off.

We wonder around aimlessly for a while, before heading into Physical Sciences. After roaming around, looking at random engineering machinery; and in Carter's case, toying with the valve pressure before it started making noises; we head over to play with some bubbles. Bubbles are distracting :) But that didn't stop us going over for the chem demo. We burned aqueous sodium, copper nitrate, potassium and sodium chloride. Carter and I sprayed two at once and put the bunsen out :( The three of us went nuts at the end and sprayed every single solution over the same flame and made a rainbow =) And then we left chem and wandered for a while again. Then, we headed over to the Red Bull tent. WE WAITED THERE FOR FIFTY MINUTES!!! And we got ONE can of Red Bull. Oh well. We met up with ara then and sat around for a while.

Next we headed over to the school of business. While Carter and ara were taking some sort of personality test, Butters and I went upstairs and had a look around and entered a competition for an ipod and laptop :D MORE FREE STUFF! Then we walked around randomly again. We headed awa from the main event area, and there was some freaky guy with a jester's hat just... just... laughing. Maaaaaaan it was freaky. I think it's safe to say that we all thought of running. So we went past the Japanese display. There were quite a few people wearing kimonos. But anyways, we went past and joined in a volleyball game. We played, and played, and played, and butters left for a while, and we played, and played and *dizzy* *faint* about two hours later, we finished our game and met up with butters at the Red Bull tent before getting something to eat. Ara bought something and left, and while the rest of us sat there and ate, ara's parents walked past O_o wonder what happened when he got home cause I doubt he had keys... but anyways, that was about it for Murdoch open day.

Now, the outline of the random games and stuff we played. Basketball. Carter and Butters took aaages to get it. I was pro, first shot without trying xD Kendo. WE MISSED IR ARGH. Fighting Arena. It was rigged. I fought butters while on the yellow one and lost all three rounds. I fought Carter twice on the blue and once on the yellow. Won twice and lost once. Rigged much? Now... Butters, Queen of the Bull. level 7-2 achieved at about 11am. At 3:30pm, no one had beaten the record =D

A variation on the word "Flip"

Saturday, August 30

Copyright Infringement

I hereby admit that I have violated the terms of copyright. In my blog post on August 25 2008, entitled "It's peanut butter... erm... RAGE Time!" I falsely stated that I as "expecting an explosion" when the to robots held hands. This is not true and all credits go towards the person who really said it.


Wednesday, August 27


After stealing Hannay's Keys yesterday, Adrian grabbed them off me as he passed by. I followed him upstairs and stole them back, intending to return them. I turn around and Jack and four of his friends are walking up to me. RAPE! The four of them just grabbed me and tried taking the keys by force. That's the last time I go and get something back for someone...

Regret of the week: Not going to talk to Clarence before going to chem after school. :(

Surveys for the yearbook are going around now. Haven't really started mine yet, but I've already been put down for some things. A couple of people put me down for "Most likely to be the next Prime Minister". Also, someone considered making their own category and put me down as "Most likely to be the next Queen of England". I'll be Queen of England... WHEN PIGS FLY!!! *Roasted pig is projected past the window* Erm... scratch that one... :D I'm trying to think what to put for the "What have you learned at school that you never thought you would" section. Right now, it's either "Triangles are Magic" from a physics video, "Stralow's Definition of and Academic" which is "The definition of an Academic is someone who learns more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything there is to know about nothing", or "Hyperactivity is a symptom of Mercury Poisoning".

Time for another bus story. Waiting for the bus at the busport, Ara and I were filling out the survey. We get up and get onto the bus when it arrives. After tagging on, we move to the back seat. There are about four people in a 2m radius. After a bit of chat about the rules for our points system, there was silence... so... I just said "I AM CALM!!!" and I wasn't paying attention, but according to Ara, all the people who could have heard it were shitting themselves! XDXDXD!!!

Well, that's all for now, think I'll go read Lady Friday now :D

a young man who behaves in a very rude, offensive and sometimes violent way

Monday, August 25

It's Peanut Butter... erm... RAGE Time!

Whoa, three weeks since I last posted here. Hmmm... oh well. What matters is that I'm here now :) Anyways, loads of random stuff has been happening lately.

On a completely random and unrelated note, I've FINAL-FANTASY-ALISED my msn :) Was bored on the weekend with pretty much nothing to do so I spent hours photoshopping Final Fantasy stuff, enough to have 15 rotating DPs, 15 backgrounds and one stupid animated background which was so big that it lagged my pc while I was creating it and pissed me off cause it turns out I couldn't use it on my Vista laptop :(

Now, let's talk Travian. Travian is a German Online Browser-Based game in which you start with a village and build up your empire to conquer the world and complete the Wonder of the World. It's pretty addictive, been playing it since 2005. Special thanks to Carter for using his villages to support my growing army. I should have my first oasis of the server sometime this week.

Okay, now here comes the bit where I just say random stuff about something that pisses me off. Some call it ranting, but I call it... well... ranting I guess. But what really grinds my gears is those retards who make computer viruses. In the last month, I would have received over one hundred, yes, one hundred, messages on msn which are clearly viruses. Come on people, what are little computer viruses on msn going to do to help you? Let you into someone's secret porn collection or something? And what happens if you manage to get in anyway? Take a peek at the hidden files on the Hard Drive? Grow up retards... Unless you're using it to hack some military defense network, I wouldn't even bother (credit to Transformers for that one).

Okaaay... since Carter INSISTED I post something about the concept of having "friends", here it is. Well, last Wednesday, I was on the bus with ara. We play this sorta game and rate bus drivers depending on their driving performances. That day was the second worst performance we've seen (the worst being the time I told ara to hold on to whatever you can get your hands on if you value your life). The driver leaves the stop at 10/10. There is a line of traffic on the road we're about to turn onto. The driver ignores it and goes up on the kerb and we all sit there staring, fingers in ears as the "Give Way" sign scratches against the window and fully bends. He lost 9 marks for that and another 1 for a random sudden breaking so he ended up with 0/10. Today was Bernard's bday. Vin ran into ara and I at the end of lunch and asked us to go play soccer or basketball afterschool. Turns out he dragged us to Bernard's party. It was fun while it lasted though. I randomly decided to be his personal poltergeist:) I just went and stood next to him. He felt :S so he moved. I walked over and stood in the same position. He ran. I followed, walking. He ran. It was a good laugh :)

Uni open days are on :) But I've only been to one. Sunday August 10 was the UWA Open Day. Soooomebody didn't realise that they were working that day and ditched Edna and I... nah, it was alright, was probably better without you there hehehe... oops, did I type that? If I did, I didn't not mean what I don't not didn't say :S Anywaaaays... it was fun. We got some "stress helmets" and they are now part of my new life :) Also went to see a supercomputer over at the School of Physics and for some reason my head just started hurting when I stood near it :( We went around for a while trying to find something to eat. I forgot it was Sunday so heaps of the places were closed. In the end, we just grabbed some overpriced Pizza Pie in the Guild Cafe. It was alright, probably not worth what we paid for it though. Was hoping to run into Wisefool aka Confucius there, but it turns out he arrived with his cousin at 1:30, around about the time we decided to leave. The following Sunday, Sunday 17 August was the Curtin Open Day. Didn't go to that :) Went over to Carter's place and watched Wall-E. When the two of them finally held hands, I was just expecting an explosion. Sadly, it didn't and those two idiots lived. Nah, jks, they're cool. Now, back on topic. This week is the Murdoch Uni Open Day. It's gonna be hell getting there... a whole 7 minutes of WALKING!!! I've never heard of such a concept before! Note to self: Kill whoever invented walking. But anyways, I gotta get something organized. See who's going and what's gonna happen. Hope it'll turn out better than UWA and Curtin hehehe...


Word Building

Tuesday, July 29


Now what happened today...? Erm, well I had a RAGING headache for at least TWELVE HOURS yesterday... so didn't study for calculus test which I probably have a 75% chance of FAILING :(

Anyways... enough about that... back to random stuff. Added more to the LEEst of LEE today, and I'm planning to just take that out and put it over as an area of the blog instead of just having it in a post. Need to make a new poll, the one that's up at the moment was just there for page layout purposes. Still, it IS pretty random... and I can EASILY tell what Carter voted for: His All-time Favourite Hero! Don Kan'onji!!!

It's not much, but that seems to be enough for now... too erm... what's the expression? Too "cbf"ed to do anymore... lol

The belief that when you die, your soul rises up to the ceiling and gets stuck there

Word Building:
frisbeetarianist (N)
frisbeetarianistic (V)

Monday, July 28

The LEEst of LEE

  • LEEgionnaire: Lee as a Roman infantry unit (Legionnaire)
  • LEEvers Jumpers: The Final year of year 12 Jumpers Lee wears (Self Explanatory)
  • AbsoluteLEE: Definitely, Yes (Absolutely)
  • LEEder: Something Lee will never be (lol)
  • LEEarnado Da Vinci: Lee as a famous artist (Self Explanatory)
  • KLEEnex: Lee's faviourite brand of toilet paper and tissues (known for its cushy softness)
  • LEEge: LEE, the Feudal Lord(Leige <-- HAHAHAHA Feudal Lord of What? Fried Rice Central?)
  • Adjectives
  • CowardLEE: Lee running away, or just being himself (Self Explanatory)
  • BraveLEE: Complete opposite of CowardLEE (Never gonna happen)
  • AngriLEE: Violent outburst of the Lee (Angrily)
  • BeautifuLEE: Lee unleashing his feminine side (Ewwww)
  • ConstantLEE: Going on and on and on, Lee's stoned phase (Constantly)
  • CalmLEE: Lee's usual mood (Calmly)
  • FinaLEE: About time... (Geez... take a millenia or so...)
  • SarcasticalLEE: Lee being serious... (sif)
  • UltimateLEE: The Ultimate Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • ExtraodinariLEE: Extraordinary Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • HungriLEE: How Lee feels after eating all his food ()
  • LiteralLEE: Lee meaning what he says (Since when does that happen?)
  • SpecificalLEE: Referring only to Lee (That's right, not you)
  • NotabLEE: Something Lee finds noteworthy (Listen up lah)
  • IntelligentLEE: Lee being himself... or not (Probably not)
  • Wonders of Lee
  • LEEning tower of Pisa
  • Movies starring Lee
  • Rush Hour LEE (Rush Hour 3)
  • I am LEEgend (I am Legend)
  • The LEEve Guru (The Love Guru)

  • defenestrate
    To throw through or out of a window.

    Word Building:

    LEEst of LEE

    The LEEst of LEE will probably be coming out later tonight or tomorrow, whenever Carter gets a chance to finish it and send it to me. For those who don't know, the LEEst of LEE is a list of random things involving the sound "Lee" in it, for example KnightLEE: A medieval Lee.

    Also, from now I plan to have bits of my LED or Lee's Engrish Dictionary at the end of the post ^^

    The act of picking one's nose.

    Sunday, July 27

    LED Inspiration!

    Sitting around trying to look for something to do today when... all of a sudden someone signs in on msn and i see a word :D So here it is, the first addition to the LED - Lee's Engrish Dictionary!

    Something that is small or insignificant.

    To make something seem small or insignificant.

    Word Building:
    floccinaucinihilipilificatious (A)
    floccinaucinihilipilificatiousness (A)

    And YES I still haven't finished that list of random questions -.-"

    Tuesday, July 8

    To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the Question

    To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the question. Is the Rush Hour Lee my life, or is my life Rush Hour Lee? Many have seeked the answer to this question, and those who have succeeded... lemme know cause I wanna know the answer too =)

    Putting that aside, this is just something fun to mess around with. There's gonna be a whole load of random gibberish going up here, so be prepared next time you open this up =) I'm currently working on a list of random, possibly rhetorical and/or pointless questions so... yeah, hopefully that'll be finished and up soon.

    FOr now though... erm, forget about that, here's something from Rush Hour 3 - a hilarious scene so... erm... well... just watch the damn clip lah!