The Last Days of Year 12

Wednesday, November 5

*Enthusiastically* STUDYING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

ZOMG I THINK I <3 STUDY!!! WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE AN INTEGRAL! Mmm... maybe a derivative too, so I can lie tangent to curves hehehe :] But pretty much... this SUCKS. Since Friday, I've been working on two calculus papers. Sure I've been reading through them, but I've only sat down and done PART of one. Seven Questions from the 2006 Calculus TEE paper.

Apart from working SO HARD on the TEE papers, I've been bored as hell. Every day is pretty much the same.
Wake up.
Turn on computer.
Come back to computer.
Use computer.
Leave computer at 2am.

On a completely random note, we had two Trick-or-Treat'ers come by on Halloween xD! My parents went outside and were like... WHAT THE FRIPTORIAL???

On another compeltely random note, I spent most of today making a pwetty fwower :)

Now I'm bored again, guess I'll just quit now :)

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