The Last Days of Year 12

Monday, September 1


Got up at 9 yesterday. Looked at my watch and "WHAT THE FRIP"ped. Thought I was gonna be late. BUT by the time I got ready, I had aaages to go. So I decided to go wash my hair for no apparent reason. And so I left and arrived at Winthrop Village just as some booblet drove in. But anyways, we walked around for a while and then decided to head back to the car. Hourssss later (I may be exaggerating there a bit but who cares?) carter shows up. Deciding that a 10 minute walk was too much, butters started up the car. Aaand so we arrive at Murdoch Uni. After a *perfect* parking, we head over towards Environmental Sciences. We stop to grab a bag of free stuff :D Free stuff is always good, and then we walk off.

We wonder around aimlessly for a while, before heading into Physical Sciences. After roaming around, looking at random engineering machinery; and in Carter's case, toying with the valve pressure before it started making noises; we head over to play with some bubbles. Bubbles are distracting :) But that didn't stop us going over for the chem demo. We burned aqueous sodium, copper nitrate, potassium and sodium chloride. Carter and I sprayed two at once and put the bunsen out :( The three of us went nuts at the end and sprayed every single solution over the same flame and made a rainbow =) And then we left chem and wandered for a while again. Then, we headed over to the Red Bull tent. WE WAITED THERE FOR FIFTY MINUTES!!! And we got ONE can of Red Bull. Oh well. We met up with ara then and sat around for a while.

Next we headed over to the school of business. While Carter and ara were taking some sort of personality test, Butters and I went upstairs and had a look around and entered a competition for an ipod and laptop :D MORE FREE STUFF! Then we walked around randomly again. We headed awa from the main event area, and there was some freaky guy with a jester's hat just... just... laughing. Maaaaaaan it was freaky. I think it's safe to say that we all thought of running. So we went past the Japanese display. There were quite a few people wearing kimonos. But anyways, we went past and joined in a volleyball game. We played, and played, and played, and butters left for a while, and we played, and played and *dizzy* *faint* about two hours later, we finished our game and met up with butters at the Red Bull tent before getting something to eat. Ara bought something and left, and while the rest of us sat there and ate, ara's parents walked past O_o wonder what happened when he got home cause I doubt he had keys... but anyways, that was about it for Murdoch open day.

Now, the outline of the random games and stuff we played. Basketball. Carter and Butters took aaages to get it. I was pro, first shot without trying xD Kendo. WE MISSED IR ARGH. Fighting Arena. It was rigged. I fought butters while on the yellow one and lost all three rounds. I fought Carter twice on the blue and once on the yellow. Won twice and lost once. Rigged much? Now... Butters, Queen of the Bull. level 7-2 achieved at about 11am. At 3:30pm, no one had beaten the record =D

A variation on the word "Flip"

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