The Last Days of Year 12

Tuesday, September 9

100 Questions I WANT ANSWERS TO.... NOWWWW!!!

100 Questions I want the Answers to... NOW!

1) Are you really the head of the Kwikimart?
2) Really?
3) You?
4) Does AREA 51 hold the site where the "moon landing" was filmed, or does it hold NBO1 aka Megatron?
5) How many people actually know the meaning of Frisbeetarianism?
6) If 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything; then what is the ultimate question?
7) How many people have been told they are one in a million, only to realise that it means there's over 6,500 people just like them?
8) Why is it that racecar spelt backwards is racecar?
9) If I stuck buttered toast to a cat and dropped it, would it hover off the ground and begin to fly?
10) Why is the process of reducing significant figures in maths is called rounding and not circling?
11) Who was the idiot who farted and set off the big bang?
12) Why are black people called black if they're actually brown?
13) What's the hidden secret behind 'horny mushrooms'?
14) Why does Yagami Light's family name spelt backwards read 'I'm a Gay'?
15) Is he gay?
16) Why is a 50c coin bigger than a $2 coin?
17) Why do some people send annoying chainmail?
18) Why do others send annoying chainmails telling people not to participate in chainmails?
19) Who invented the game knifey-spoony?
20) How can a slim chance and fat chance be the same, while a wise man and wise guy are opposites?
21) Why is it that rules always have an exception?
22) Does a super hero have to have super powers?
23) Why doesn't Batman have super powers?
24) Is batman a superhero?
25) Why come whenever you don't need something, it's everywhere; but when you do need it, it's nowhere?
26) What noob created the word 'noob'?
27) Are the words most frequently used by noobs "Team Plz" or "1k Plz"?
28) Why was the biggest painting ever made a 6730 square metre smiley face?
29) Who decided to name the condom after Dr Charles Condom (1630-1685)?
30) What genius created National Pi Day (March 14 at 1:59, or 3/14 1:59 by the US calendar)?
31) Why is it that writers write, but fingers don't fing?
32) Why do people die?
33) Does Equivalent Trade really exist?
34) Are IQ and shoe size related?
35) Why do people believe the earth is round when it's clearly FLAT?
36) Why do you think they have a Flat Earth Society?
37) Is it just to make everyone look retarded?
38) Well?
39) Is it?
40) Did ancient Egyptians have Hieroglyphics Soup instead of Alphabet Soup?
41) Why do people say they will die for their country but come back alive?
42) If people start kicking a soccer ball around like a football, would they be playing foccer?
43) Why is there no one to talk to on msn when I'm bored to death?
44) How many people actually ROFL?
45) When you ask Australians a question, why do they always tell you what they are not, instead of what they are?
46) How many people have actually ridden in a kangaroo?
47) How many of those people actually enjoyed the experience?
48) How many people believe in the supernatural?
49) Does bigfoot like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
50) Why is 'blackcurrent' juice purple?
51) If it says 'free samples', are you allowed to take more than 1?
52) What kind of person was the person who thought up the name 'Free Willy"?
53) Why is the great Australia world's famous movie 'Pricilla Queen of the Desert' about 2 gays and a transvestite?
54) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
55) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
56) Does repitition really force you to remember stuff?
57) Why do so many things make people so agro?
58) Does the Prime Minister have to pay tax?
59) Why do people who need help back away, but people who are just damn lazy always ask for help?
60) Why is there a coffee flavoured bubble tea?
61) Why is there a tea flavoured bubble tea?
62) Why does 'an uniform' sound wrong?
63) Why does mineral water that has "trickled through mountains for centuries" go out of date next year?
64) Why are Softballs hard?
65) If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
66) Do stupid questions deserve stupid answers?
67) Is gluttony really a sin?
68) What genius created National Mole Day (6:02 on October 23, or 6:02 10/23 by the US calendar)?
69) What is the first thing that comes to mind when "girl", "coconut" and "69" are mentioned together?
70) Do the big "HOLLYWOOD" letters exist because the people there are illiterate?
71) What came first; Hollywood or Bollywood?
72) What does "happily ever after" really mean?
73) How many people have tried to eat pi?
74) Does ">" or "<" go in "Batman _ Superman"?
75) How many retards answered "<" for #74?
76) If tetrahydrocannibinol is the chemical formula for marajuana, then what is cannibinol?
77) Why is a rabbit's foot considered to be good luck?
78) Why is a dog man's best friend?
79) What's the difference between 69 and 79?
80) Why is the answer to everything not 7 or pi/2?
81) Where did my ridiculous craze for the number 7 come from?
82) Why is a character in the story i'm writing based on the number 7?
83) Why does the wealth of mycountry decrease if i implement a tax to fix fire hydrants?
84) Since when did the people of Daraevia live on three-day-old droppings of vegetarian animals?
85) Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?
86) Can you really have x^0?
87) When is Batman 3 coming out?
88) Why haven't I seen Batman 2 yet?
89) Why am I not updating the LEEst of LEE?
90) Why is the word 'dictionary' in the dictionary?
91) Why did it take me well over 3 months to get to this point in the list?
92) Why does a pickpocket take what's in the pocket and then just leave the pocket?
93) What actually is an emoticon?
94) Why am I doing this so late when I should be preparing for tomorrow's calculus test?
95) What was the first word ever spoken?
96) Was it *grunt*?
97) If there is someone or something out there, do you think they'd like ice cream as much as we do?
98) Where did the term 'pussy cat' come from?
99) Who was the first person to name their child 'dick'?
100) Does BFM really have a Gay Card?

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