The Last Days of Year 12

Thursday, January 15

A New Start for a New Year

Well, it's been just over 2 weeks since the year began, and so many things are already so different. Let's start with the big one first... Uni. Uni offers came out last night. After a long, long, agonizing wait, offers were finally out, and... I got my first preference! Engineering at UWA! Yey! Some people on the other hand didn't get what they wanted. One guy had Curtin Chemical Engineering as his first preference... and got it, along with the $20,000 scholarship, but that's not what he wanted in the end, so he's writing to UWA to see if they can do anything about getting him in to do an Engineering/Econs double.

Carter's in India. Still. Last year I ditched him so he decided to ditch me this year is that right? He's coming back 30th so meh, and 31st is the WAI-CON! GOGOGO! Apparently people cosplay to this kind of thing, but I really cbf. I had enough with even the simple Hirako Shinji costume I ended up using for Dress Up Day. But yeah, this should be good, plus I get to catch up with some people... I haven't seen heaps of people since graduation nearly 1.5 months ago! Been stuck at home scared about uni stuff -.-"