The Last Days of Year 12

Wednesday, February 25

Uni Student Now!

Sorry to all of you who thought Starting uni would be fun, but here's my first and third day for you.

First day. Late 10 mins due to damn trains. Miss out on the message that there was going to be a lecture in place of the workshop on Wednesday. A friend of mine completely missed his first lecture, trains as well.

Third day. It started on the bus into Uni.I was sitting with my bag on my lap and as i was about to get up and leave the bus, i realised the bottle of V in my bag had opened up and i had V all over my notebooks and pants. I wet my pants. Then, at 10 and 11 i had 2 lectures in the same lecture theatre and the air con was ON HIGH FOR 2 HOURS! I WAS SHAKING BY THE TIME IT FINISHED... BUT I stepped outside and... IT WAS RAINING!!! Then I went to get some lunch, and BOTH cafes were FULL. I walked around for 20 mins looking for a seat and then ended up sitting on the wall outside, alone. Then,I had a 3 hour break, and I didn't find anyone to hang around with, or anything to do so I wandered from library to library and then to the Reid Library cafe and just sat there trying to dry out some books for about 1.5-2 hours, and then after my tutorial, I was on my way home and on the bus there was this really annoying guy. He was on the phone the whole time and it was like he was laughing in pain the whole time. Then, I get home, go into my room, sit down, turn to face my laptop, and my phone rings. The new manager at work wants me to head in ASAP. So yeah, that was my 7am-8pm today.

Well, that's today's brief rant. There's a few posts before this one that I still need to finish, so bear with me over the next... 10 years maybe?

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