The Last Days of Year 12

Thursday, March 12

Yey :)

Another quick post this time, it's 12:15 am and I need to get some sleep so I don't oversleep -.-" Anyways, on Saturday, I had Carter and PIMP-ed over. Originally we were gonna go out and have ramen, then come to my place, but we decided to forget ramen. We watched RUSH HOUR 3!!! And played some Super Smash Bros on Wii, it was all pretty good. Was hoping to do it again this Saturday (WITH Butters) but it's apparently PIMP-ed's lil bro's b'day. Oh well, maybe some other time :)

Today was also a pretty good day, other than the 9am-4pm uni day -.-" but I managed to see a couple of people I haven't seen in a while. Lectures were as normal, lunch I ended up sitting by myself in the Cafe and then moving out under a tree on the oval afterwards, it was all good though. Physics lab was -.-" My lab partner is so... what do you call it? He tries to take control because he thinks he's better than me, or something like that, but oh well. But yeah, overall, it was a pretty alright day today.

That's all from me this time, keep niggling!

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