The Last Days of Year 12

Tuesday, July 29


Now what happened today...? Erm, well I had a RAGING headache for at least TWELVE HOURS yesterday... so didn't study for calculus test which I probably have a 75% chance of FAILING :(

Anyways... enough about that... back to random stuff. Added more to the LEEst of LEE today, and I'm planning to just take that out and put it over as an area of the blog instead of just having it in a post. Need to make a new poll, the one that's up at the moment was just there for page layout purposes. Still, it IS pretty random... and I can EASILY tell what Carter voted for: His All-time Favourite Hero! Don Kan'onji!!!

It's not much, but that seems to be enough for now... too erm... what's the expression? Too "cbf"ed to do anymore... lol

The belief that when you die, your soul rises up to the ceiling and gets stuck there

Word Building:
frisbeetarianist (N)
frisbeetarianistic (V)

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