The Last Days of Year 12

Tuesday, July 8

To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the Question

To Lee, or not to Lee; That is the question. Is the Rush Hour Lee my life, or is my life Rush Hour Lee? Many have seeked the answer to this question, and those who have succeeded... lemme know cause I wanna know the answer too =)

Putting that aside, this is just something fun to mess around with. There's gonna be a whole load of random gibberish going up here, so be prepared next time you open this up =) I'm currently working on a list of random, possibly rhetorical and/or pointless questions so... yeah, hopefully that'll be finished and up soon.

FOr now though... erm, forget about that, here's something from Rush Hour 3 - a hilarious scene so... erm... well... just watch the damn clip lah!