The Last Days of Year 12

Monday, July 28

The LEEst of LEE

  • LEEgionnaire: Lee as a Roman infantry unit (Legionnaire)
  • LEEvers Jumpers: The Final year of year 12 Jumpers Lee wears (Self Explanatory)
  • AbsoluteLEE: Definitely, Yes (Absolutely)
  • LEEder: Something Lee will never be (lol)
  • LEEarnado Da Vinci: Lee as a famous artist (Self Explanatory)
  • KLEEnex: Lee's faviourite brand of toilet paper and tissues (known for its cushy softness)
  • LEEge: LEE, the Feudal Lord(Leige <-- HAHAHAHA Feudal Lord of What? Fried Rice Central?)
  • Adjectives
  • CowardLEE: Lee running away, or just being himself (Self Explanatory)
  • BraveLEE: Complete opposite of CowardLEE (Never gonna happen)
  • AngriLEE: Violent outburst of the Lee (Angrily)
  • BeautifuLEE: Lee unleashing his feminine side (Ewwww)
  • ConstantLEE: Going on and on and on, Lee's stoned phase (Constantly)
  • CalmLEE: Lee's usual mood (Calmly)
  • FinaLEE: About time... (Geez... take a millenia or so...)
  • SarcasticalLEE: Lee being serious... (sif)
  • UltimateLEE: The Ultimate Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • ExtraodinariLEE: Extraordinary Lee (Self Explanatory)
  • HungriLEE: How Lee feels after eating all his food ()
  • LiteralLEE: Lee meaning what he says (Since when does that happen?)
  • SpecificalLEE: Referring only to Lee (That's right, not you)
  • NotabLEE: Something Lee finds noteworthy (Listen up lah)
  • IntelligentLEE: Lee being himself... or not (Probably not)
  • Wonders of Lee
  • LEEning tower of Pisa
  • Movies starring Lee
  • Rush Hour LEE (Rush Hour 3)
  • I am LEEgend (I am Legend)
  • The LEEve Guru (The Love Guru)

  • defenestrate
    To throw through or out of a window.

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