The Last Days of Year 12

Friday, October 3

3 Weeks in 6 Paragraphs :)

I know, I know, I know... It's been about 3 weeks. I just couldn't be bothered, and you probably don't care, but just in case you do... live with it! The last few weeks have really been all :S. First there was mocks for 2 weeks. CALC WAS A KILLER... x.x I'll probably be happy with a pass in that. Applicable Maths and Chemistry were probably the two I felt most comfortable in. Anyway, that's seven down and seven to go.

Okay, you wanna hear the good news first or the bad news first? Ignoring the fact that I dunno who I'm asking when I say that, I'm... gonna start with the bad news. I. Got. Banned. End of story... not. Fact is, I really did get banned from Travian. Curse you Multihunter7. I WAS NOT MULTI-INGGGGGGG! I was merely sending resources from Carter's village to mine, in order to build up my army. What kind of rules are they anyways? You can't help a friend out by sending them resources from the same PC? W-T-F??? What if my friend came over and sent me some resources from my PC, do we both get banned? There's only two options for me at the moment. 1) Write an Explanatory message to Multihunter7 or 2) QUIT. I guess I'm gonna go with option 2. What is there to explain to the guy? I hate you? You're a useless 30 year old US stowaway with no life, living in a dumpster on $20 a week? Geez, some people are just... ARGH. So... because of this, two accounts and four villages have been rendered useless. If they keep this up, I wonder how they're gonna attract more people to play? I mean, they have all these awesome ads everywhere - I see them all the time while fb'ing, but :(

Okay, now for the good news: There's not really much more bad news :) And now to talk about the latest tv series I've been watching :)

Legend of the Demigods

For some reason, it seems to me like it's been a while since I've seen BCHM. Anyways, this is my kind of show. Godly powers, swordfighting, good vs evil, demons, godly magic... that kind of stuff :) I have 21/22 episodes downloaded, and I'm struggling to find somewhere to download episode 22 :(

Moonlight Resonance

Sequel to TVB's Heart of Greed (2007), Moonlight Resonance had a lot of attention throughout Hong Kong and currently holds the title of being TVB's Top Rated Series Ever, peaking at 50 points in the 2-hour finale in the scene where Yan Hung argues with her daughter Yu So Chau. For those who can understand it, this series is a MUST WATCH series :)

Now I'm out of ideas on what to download. I wanna watch The Four, but the only decent quality one I can find only has the first three episodes uploaded :( Oh well, I'll find something, I seem to almost always do :)

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