The Last Days of Year 12

Sunday, October 19


Whoa this is :S... was just sitting around yesterday and my dad comes into the room. He yells and "lectures" me about concentrating on exams and blah blah blah, raging at me. Then, he stands there and calms down over the next few seconds, pulls a catalogue out of nowhere, points to a Wii, and says "I'm gonna buy this." A loaf of bread, a pack of pens, a bottle of milk... sure, just go and buy it... but wouldn't you at least consider consulting other people before just suddenly deciding to spend hundreds of dollars on something you don't know how to use?

Now, FISH WRANGLER! Stupid Hate Fish... I HATE THEM SO MUCH... probably just as much as cubeys... I need TWO more to get the next skill, I have enough money and points already.

Habitats of Large Fish
It takes a high-skilled wrangler to understand this lesson. You will learn the intricacies of wrangling some of the rarest fish of Farovia. This course explains different reeling, chumming and timing techniques that are required to catch these rare fish.
Costs: 32,350* 65,000 min. points required to learn*
Catch Prerequisites: 22 Fiesta, 4 Hate *

Overall Catch Totals
Updated hourly.

Cubey Fish (biggest: 7 oz)
Loafy Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Catty Fish (biggest: 9 oz)
Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Mime Fish (biggest: 11 oz)
Fiesta Fish (biggest: 1.25 lb)
Miss Miny Fish (biggest: 6 oz)
Emo Fish (biggest: 10 oz)
Hippie Fish (biggest: 2.06 lb)
Tiger Shark Fish (biggest: 2.81 lb)
Vampire Fish (biggest: 15 oz)
Hate Fish (biggest: 3.44 lb)

btwbtwbtw... that pic up there is of my Necro Pole :)

Ah I've had this open for hours now... might as well post it in case I accidently close firefox and forget about it... I might post some more stuff later, see how I feel about it.

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