The Last Days of Year 12

Saturday, November 1

The Last Days of School... (2314 Words :])

The Last Days of School... many in the past have wished for it to come, but now that it's gone, we wish it hadn't. Teachers and classmates come and go, but memories will be with you forever... unless you forget them of course :] Let's start with a walk through of my day.

Got to school around 8:15. The weather was kind of dull, partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 20s. Now let's stop talking like meteorologists and continue. I met up with ara and showed him some papers and we were just talking until second bell went, as usual. I headed downstairs and went over to CG to drop off my bag before heading over to D6 to grab a toy sword from Kretzmann for Monday. Went back to my CG and Mr Shields started talking about references, and that we might be able to come and collect them from him on Tuesday. Then the bell goes and we head off to Period One. We were downstairs for Calculus again today. I headed inside and then just went up to Bernard and slashed him with the sword :] And then "Shirt Signing Day" officially began. Bernard, Dan, Matt, Tilly, and Tom signed mine and I was signing other people's with my catchphrase "MAKE ME!" :] We took a couple of class photos and then it was time to go.

So now I make my way over to physics. Physics was just time to screw around with. People were running around to other classes trying to get other teachers to sign their shirts. I was in class for most of the time, got quite a bit of the class to sign my shirt, then Kretzmann and Dan decided to argue about random facts with Mr Stralow who eventually started teaching chemistry to us... dimethylchickenwire... Still, I think my Cyclone (Cyclo Ketone) is still the best :)

Next came recess. By the time I got our to our usual hang out spot, everyone was already signing shirts like mad. I got mine signed by a few people, most notably by Ara and Jared. Jared signed Ara's with something about Info Sys and if I recall correctly, something about Brian Clarence! Brian Clarence FTW! I spent about half of recess asking Ara to hurry up cause I had to grab some stuff from the library for chem. Eventually, I just couldn't be bothered going until the bell because after all the signing was done, there was only about 1 minute till the end of recess, so why bother heading off that early ey? Anyways we reached the lab and I left my bag and stuff with Kretzmann and headed over to the library. I went in and waited for like... 10 mins before someone decided to come over to assist me. They handed me the laptop and I asked them if they had one of those remote control mouse things, cause we used one last year in physics and I thought it would be useful since the port forthe projector was so far away from the centre of the lab, but they gave me a mouse -.-" then they gave me a remote for a projector -.-" then I just left.

Went back to the lab and everyone was eating and screwing around. Jackson and a few others were preparing yet ANOTHER rap for Mr Hair. He's done one for Mrs Pang, Ms Ng (Student Teacher) and unregrettably Dring :) "Look as me my name is Dr Dring, I smell like shit and have..." I think I'll just leave it there :) Anyways everyone chats and eats for a while then Mr Hair calms everyone down and I start my presentation on my Wine Project (Sorry for wasting valuable party time guys hehehe :]) and as I finish, Jackson does his presentation for Mr Hair. Some people got it on video... I'll have to see who I can scavenge it from.

After chem I headed off to Japanese. Ms Rose had INTENDED to do a practice listening task with us, but we sure made her forget about that :) Shirt Signing! Photo Taking! Shirt Signing and Photo Taking >>>>>>> Listening Tasks! So I got Ms Rose, Miyuki and Junko to sign my shirt. Also managed to get Jess Regan to sign mine, and Aubrey drew a strawberry. After a while of shirt signing, Ms Rose gave a little talk, thanking us for a great year and telling us how great we were as a yeargroup :) We Win! :P

Lunch was alright. I decided not to eat (I know Carter will wanna kill me for saying that!) and went off with Ara. We stopped off at the Maths office first. We got Mrs Pang to sign our shirts :) Then after wandering around for a little while (and Ara avoiding Mr Ahmed), we wandered over to Asian Central:P Sadly though, we felt abandoned. No one was there, they had all gone to watch the students versus teachers basketball. I may have only been there for the last 15-20 mins, and may have heard the ref say the score was 30-19 in favour of the teachers, but WHAT THE FRIPTORIAL? I don't believe that :) The bell went and everyone still stayed around for about 10 mins until the teachers told us to clear off, and so I headed off to Lit :)

Lit was a rather interesting class to have as the last experience of high school life. Mrs Papas was wandering around catching any year 12s who wandered around or to other classes. Mr Mcmahon kind of just said... head over to Mr Docherty's if you want, and he shuts the door and starts playing games of chess that he just kept winning. Eventually, it was just a few of us left in the classroom. The others had all gone to Mr Docherty's class to watch a slideshow... and getting caught... and being dragged back to class XD! So... that was the end of school, officially.

After the weekend, Monday brought a new reason to come to school: To screw around with students and teachers! Yes, it was Dress Up Day. There were so many random costumes, and a lot more transvestites than I expected. I came as Hirako Shinji, the Vizard from Bleach. We started off the day just wandering the school, taking photos and stuff like that. Then, the warning bell went and we moved into the hall. It was there that I finally met up with Ara. He came as a snake charmer XD, and as some people told him, "It's Dress UP, not FREE Dress!" But yeah, that's kind of mean. Costumes I can remember off the top of my head are Ninjas, The Jabbawokeez, The Three Amigos, Bees, Snake Charmers, Bikies, Pringles, Chefs, Gorillas, Faries, Mooses (Or Meese), and Samurai. It was really, really random :)

Dress Up Day Photos :)

So we headed off to Period 1 at about 9, which for me was Applic. We got together for a class photo with all our costumes, and then we just sat around and chatted. At 9:45, we headed off to Period 2, which for me was Calculus. However, as we reached the classroom, it seemed that everyone had abandoned our class and moved back into the hall with the sport class that was on, so we went there, and I spent about 40 minutes just tailing Bernard, cause there really wasn't much for me to do and there weren't any of my good friends around. At 10:30, all the year 12s gathered outside the gym, near the stage in the Lower Quad. We were rehearsing for the Dress Up Day Parade at recess, although there was not much to rehearse. It was pretty much just... everyone walk onto the stage, do what you feel like and then walk off. I went up with Bernard, who was the Ninja. We had a fight on stage! We hacked away at each other for a few seconds and then I slashed Bernard and he fell to the ground. It was fun. After the parade, we had to leave school grounds immediately. That wasn't fun. Ara wanted to get his lock cut, but as soon as we stepped back in, we were asked to leave. So... we started to leave but saw Bernard sitting around, so we dragged him along with us to Garden City. We got some $1 cans, and Bernard got a pretzel while I grabbed a pie from Jesters. We sat there, ate, and took photos for a while, and then decided to leave. On the way out to the Busport, we passed by Jesters again and Bernard took a photo with one of the people working there. Talk about photos with randoms... When he asked her, the expression on her face was just like... WHATTHEFRIPTORIAL? Afterwards I went over to Ara's place for a while and helped reformat his computer. However... I forgot to change the settings back to boot from his HD, not boot from the Windows CD... my bad hehehe... But anyways, we just did some random stuff, and then I had to leave cause my parents were raging at me for not being home so long after we left the school (by now it was about 4:30), so yeah... I got owned.

The next day was the final assembly, and rehearsal for the graduation ceremony. The assembly finished about 20 minutes early, but the rehearsal took a while. According to Mr V though, we were the fastest yeargroup to finish the rehearsal :) However, everyone was moaning and complaining as the teachers got the first few rows to walk up one by one and then walk down, telling them to take their time because it's "your moment". Everyone moaned and compained even more when they were asked to move over to the wall to get a whole yeargroup photo. Fortunately, everyone just remained in their seats and the photo was taken from the front. As we left the hall, a few of us just hung around. I managed to grab photos with Edna, Hannay, Andrew, Anthony, Bernard, Vincent, Luke, Mrs Papas and Mr Lilleyman xD Afterwards, we proceeded to the Design and Tech Office to grab the tools to cut open Bernard's lock. It was probably about 1m long... and THEY TRUSTED ME WITH IT MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We then headed off to Garden City. We wandered around for a while looking at wax and spray for Bernard. Luke needed to grab some credit for his phone, so when they headed into Kmart, I decided to ditch them :) I grabbed the bus home and FB'ed for a while before getting ready for the Graduation Dinner Dance.

Last Day Photos :)

The Graduation Dinner Dance didn't start till about 8, even though everyone was told it started at 7:30, and councillors had to arrive around 6:30. My dad insisted on leaving at 6, so I got there way before everyone else and was just standing around for about half an hour. Mr Forman eventually came, and we discussed where all the balloons and stuff like that should go. After a little while, Ashleigh arrived with the Helium and we started decorating! The big "2008" balloons were the first to be blown up. We debated whether to put them at the entrance or on the dancefloor by the plain white wall. Eventually it was the wall. The other balloons were put where I felt like putting them. Ashleigh blew them up and I tied them where everyone saw them. At around 7, people started coming. I walked out to the stairs, looked down and saw Bernard, Luke and Steph. I went down and took some photos, then came back up with them. We headed inside to grab tables because we had to scratch the original seating plan, but that had no effect on me cause I wasn't on it in the first place. But anyways, after toying around with tables, switching between 3 different tables, we crammed an extra two seats onto one table :) Then... the night began. Food, dance, drinks. Some really random stuff happened, so much that I forgot most of it (or... well... I just don't feel like writing it all out :])

Graduation Dinner Dance Photos :)

And now... we get to the last few days. The last dew days have been really... different. This week I've been working on stuff for my TEE Japanese Oral Interview, which was yesterday and happened to go quite smoothly. Other than that, I've been watching movies, msn'ing, fb'ing, and of course blogging. The difference is, now, there are so many people that I have not had the chance to know as well as I could have, and so many people that I know who I have not said a proper farewell to. High School is pretty much over, and each one of us will walk off on our own paths. It is a somewhat sad part of life, but it is a new beginning for us all. To be honest, there have been times (and they still pop up now as I just do stuff at home) where I feel like bursting out into tears. I don't know how, but it just happens. So to all those who I never had the chance to know well, and those who I never had the chance to say farewell, best of luck in your TEE, and all the best for the future.

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Hey Kelvin! Don't even ask me how I found your blog/this entry. It's a long and boring story.

Just wanted to say - that slideshow in Docerty's class on the last day of school? I guess you could say I made it. Yep. I'm cool.